Case Studies

We put as much time and effort into learning from our work as we do into creating it. These case studies represent some of our highest creative highs, but more importantly they represent our deepest learnings. They’re emblematic of our multidisciplinary approach, our attention to insights and our creative problem solving.


Consumer Insights that Drive Product Design and Branding.

To say that the Toronto Condo scene is saturated is an understatement. There are literally hundreds of projects vying for consumers’ attention. Few of them take the (perceived) risk of differentiating themselves. It’s big business and it’s driven by developers looking to mitigate risk for their investors and maximize profits. The problem is that beyond … Continued

Cleveland. One Tough Branding Assignment.

This is a tough town to brand. Long a depressed city, it has certainly been the butt of so many jokes in the US as witnessed in this hysterical parody video made way back in 2009. The City answered back with a complete rebrand.  They rolled out a new identity, tv, print and digital campaigns. … Continued

Tweets don’t lie. Resumes do.

We needed a Social Media Intern ASAP. Rather than posting the job description on our site or via LinkedIn, we came up with something unconventional. Because really, who wants to read through a sea of emails entitled “Social Ninja” or “Twitter Assassin” (it gets old really quick). Instead, we hosted the first ever #befearlessgames, a … Continued

Snapchat: haters gonna hate

The team over at Snapchat has been called a lot of unpleasant things as of late: smug bastards, arrogant assholes and morons (to list a few). But the haters need to take a step back. Sure, they unknowingly allowed a gazillion accounts to be compromised. And yeah, they turned their noses up at a lucrative … Continued

8 ways to survive the holiday season at an ad agency

1. Make a holiday drink (add a shot of eggnog to your flask of rum). 2. Decorate the office with snowflakes made from uninspired creative briefs. 3. Force the interns to recite all of your emails as Christmas carols. 4. Dress up as Santa Claus and deliver a rousing speech to the creative department about … Continued

10 tips on how not to get an internship in advertising

1. Be boring. Send something that’s unoriginal to every CD you can think of. That way, your application will get lost in the clutter. 2. Make as few revisions as possible. It’s not your fault if the CD doesn’t understand your creative vision. Besides, all of the confusion adds to the general mystique of your … Continued


Last Friday, the ADCC hosted an event with Pelle Nilson & Petter Westlun, Co-founders of B-Reel. If you’re unfamiliar, B-Reel is a Swedish production company that’s worked with brands like Mitsubishi, Toshiba and H & M (to name a few).B-Reel is also one of the hottest companies in the advertising/marketing industry. What’s their recipe for … Continued

#Hashtag #In #Moderation

We love hashtags. But hashtags are now poised to takeover the world (Pinky & the Brain would be jealous). Like Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines track, the beat and the catchy hook pull you in. You listen, you nod your head and then you buy his album (don’t judge me). But then to your later resentment, … Continued

A Guide to Content Twerk’n

If you were expecting to find more gratuitous photos of Miley from the VMA’s, we apologize in advance. However, if you’re interested in this new fangled thing called Content Marketing, then keep on reading. We’re creating content while telling you how to create content, ironic right? But on any given day, advertising and marketing websites … Continued